What our Students say

My son is very happy with the piano lessons! The teacher is very friendly, very kind and he does his job very professionally! I will recommend them to any of my friends who want their child to learn from the best!

– Milena

Marcus really enjoyed the lesson: I was so pleased. Bocheng is such a nice guy, he arrived bang on time and was very patient, adapted really well to Marcus’s needs and made the lesson enjoyable for him. Marcus immediately decided to book another one for next Saturday. I was also really happy with how easy it was to arrange the lesson, and how the school fitted the teacher to our needs.

– Andrea

Lovely, professional service. The music school were extremely efficient and quick to find someone for my daughter's piano lessons. The teacher provided is absolutely wonderful, with a calm manner, supportive teaching style and has a fantastic rapport with my daughter.

– Christine

Very professional and they provide an excellent service. The music teacher is excellent and punctual. My daughter has improved a lot and always looks forward to her next lesson.

– Nurmilah

I really recommend Fireworks Music School. Barbara is really easy to talk to and tries hard to find you a good teacher that will suit you. It was fantastic because I got the option of trying one teacher first to see how I felt. Barbara regularly checks in with you to see how you're doing and it is important to her that all the students are happy and I'm sure she would do her best if someone were to have a problem. My teacher is great and we get along well. I really like this school because it seems that all the teachers have very different personalities and teaching styles which means there is a teacher for everyone!

– Palesa

The service is great, I was quickly paired with a piano teacher. My teacher Daniel takes the lesson at a good pace and provides me with exercises and tips to improve and gain skills, he makes sure I fully understand concepts before moving on. It has been a pleasurable and rewarding experience. I would highly recommend them.

– Jamilla

Our teacher is an excellent music teacher, she established a great relationship with my daughter and keeps her motivated. She is very reliable, attentive and enthusiastic.

– Natalia

My teacher was the music teacher in my kids old class and we followed on with piano lessons afterwards and they've been with her ever since (almost 3 years now!). She is being really great with Sara and Anna, which are 2 completely different girls (although twins...) with different learning styles and characters. I can't believe how much they've learned, although they're only six, and yet with fun and no pressure.I cannot recommend them highly enough.

– Rosalia

Our teacher is a wonderful teacher, very patient and encouraging! I have only started learning since last summer, and I feel like I'm progressing very quickly!

– Cleopatra

Barbara is very efficient. We found very quickly a good person to teach Marion the piano. Marion is very happy.

– Sabine

Really nice and helpful, highly efficient, and most importantly found the perfect teacher for our boys. They love their lessons and I couldn't be more pleased. 

– Laura

Barbara was incredibly efficient and responsive in finding a piano teacher for my son. He is taking grade 2 exams in March and was really behind so this was a massive challenge! Zofia has completely transformed the way my son plays, there is so much more feeling in his pieces now. She is very rigorous in her approach, yet very nice and friendly, exactly what he needed. She has been giving him lots of encouragement and confidence. Finally she is really lovely and the whole family likes her! I would definitely recommend Zofia, and Barbara. 

– Corinne

Teacher is great and makes learning lots of fun for my children age 6. Girls look forward to every lesson with excitement. Teacher was perfect match and the whole process of requesting piano lessons to having a time and teacher was super efficient. Highly recommended.

– Maya

Their teachers are nothing short of excellent with a unique understanding of your needs. My son and I started with others and found that Fireworks covered the important lessons that others missed. This has helped us within weeks and they are patient. Even though we are a challenging pair of varied students our teacher is very helpful. We're both progressing a lot and actually really really enjoying the classes. The people at Fireworks are very helpful and prompt with their communications, be patient after your initial enquiry as they work hard to find you a good teacher and like us you will find it is worth the wait. 

– Dharmesh

Good service, Good price, Tutor is on time and excellent quality

– Mahdis

Barbara, the founder director of the school, was extremely helpful and supportive. As parents with no previous musical experience, Barbara was very helpful also in suggesting the right instrument for our child. We are happy with the teacher and we hope our daughter will continue her music journey.

– Devis

Excellent piano teacher and professional agency!

– Hang

It has been a pleasure dealing with Barbara and we simply love our teacher, who comes to our house to teach my son piano.

– Carmen

Excellent services around admin items and a great teacher.

– Claire